Thursday, August 17, 2017

First Day of School 2017

by Jamie

Mason started first grade yesterday!  He's just about as tall as big sis!!!! 😮. We're predicting he takes her by Christmas!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mason and Reese lost their first tooth!!!!

by Jamie

These cousins are 6 days apart....and they lost their first tooth 5 days apart!!!!!

Mason lost his first tooth last Saturday, October 15th!  It had been a little wiggly, then Friday night, he fell and hit his mouth on the railing in the hallway.  There was blood, his lip was bruised, he was so upset...and it REALLY loosened the tooth.  The next day he was eating a fruit snack after his basketball game and I noticed the tooth just sitting on his lip!  He didn't even have to pull it, it just came out!

Reese lost hers on Thursday, October 20th!

They're growing up too fast!!!!

Mason and Reese are 6

by Jamie

Wow, 6 years gone by already!!!!  This is as close to a baby book as I'm going to get with Mason, so I'm going to write all the little details I want to remember about this boy!!!  First of all....he is so tall!!!  Still 99% for height...51 3/4"!!  In fact, he was tall enough to do the zip line at the pumpkin farm we visited last week!  He loves kindergarten!!  He goes alternating two or three days per week and is usually pretty tired when he gets home!

A video posted by Jamie (Stickel) Rathbun (@jamierathbun) on
Mason & Reese, age 6: 

He's been learning a lot of his sight words at school and the teacher is now testing math facts.  He loves math, thanks to all those sport statistics and scores he's always checking on his iPad!!!

The boy LOVES basketball!!!  We got a court put in the backyard a couple months ago, and he's out there playing day, night, rain or shine!!!!  He knows so much about the game and truly enjoys everything about it!

And let's not forget his LOVE of the Cavs!! He got to go to a preseason game the other night!

Mason is still a happy guy!  He's very kind.  At our parent-teacher conference, Mason's teacher said she noticed he wasn't eating his lunch one day in the cafeteria.  She asked him why and he said because he was busy learning sign language from Jonathan (a special needs boy in his class)!  My first prayer each day for my children is that they are loving and kind to others and they are the little lights in a world that is so desperate for Jesus.  I know I fail all the time as their mother and I let my impatience and frustration get the best of me.  But that's when I know I serve a loving God who never changes.  He is never impatient.  He won't fail them.  He won't fail me.  Ever!!!!

Mya, Reese, Mason, Carson & Colton

Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to Mason!!!!

by Jamie

Wow, today Mason is 5!!!!!  We had a great weekend celebrating his birthday and Reesie's too!!!  I arrived at Reesie's Princesses & Pirates party as Cinderella!!! I have a separate post on my other blog with photos from Mason's Thomas the Train Party!!

Me with Mason

Me with Reesie 

Me, Sarah, Jeremy

Mason is still a very happy guy!  He loves people, talking, playing with trains (still!!!), playing with Legos and Minecraft, and he loves school!  He plays flag football, always asks to go play with the big boys in the neighborhood, and rides his bike very well!  I'm so thankful for our sweet boy!  We pray together every night when he's in bed, and I pray that God will use his strengths and abilities in a positive way and that he'll be a kind-hearted, loving boy!  He's still strong-willed, and is very expressive and gets mad when things don't go his way.  I'm sure I let him play on the iPad way too much, but he really loves playing Looney Dash and Minecraft;)  He goes to school two full days a week and is always very exhausted at the end of the day (yay!!)!  It's been a roller coaster these 5 short years, but I'm grateful for a healthy, happy little man!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mason & Reesie....where has the time gone?

By Jamie

I don't update this blog often, but I couldn't resist posting this pic of Mason and Reesie at the pool from last weekend!!!  We had a great day with Sarah and the fam just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine (which we haven't seen much of lately!).  Sweet Reesie was crying when we left:(

BTW, in 3 months, these two will be turning 5!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Reesie is 4!!!

By Jamie

Look at these two cousins!!! 4 years old!!!!

Here is a little mini photo shoot I did of Mason & Reesie:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mason is 4!!!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it was over 4 years ago that Sarah and I started this blog to document our pregnancies and now those two precious babies are 4 (Reesie actually has a few more days until she's 4, but you know what I mean!!)!!!

We celebrated Mason's birthday yesterday with a great family party... (it's clear in these pics that I need a new phone....apologies for the fuzziness!!!)

Mason and Reesie!!!! 

Cousins: Colton, Mason and Reesie 

Me with Mason, Sarah with Reesie:

Top is a pic from Mason and Reesie's 1st Birthday and bottom is the remake we did yesterday for their 4th Birthday!!!! 

The Birthday Boy!!! 

Soooo much has changed with this boy over the past year.  He is still full of energy, loves basketball, is outgoing and is a very, very happy guy! But he is much less impulsive, will sit and play with his trains for hours, and is not as destructive as a year ago!!!! (However, we did just have to replace a drawer in our refrigerator that he broke by pulling out too hard...that was a lovely $75....yikes!!)

He is in preschool 2 afternoons a week.  He is eating it right up!!!  I almost regret not putting him in 3 days a week because I know he would do find, but I decided to ease him into it since he still has another year of preschool left before starting kindergarten in 2016.  He has taken a slight interest in writing his name and has mastered the M, O, and N.  His reading/writing is completely opposite his sister, and I have to stop comparing!!!  I can already see that his strength will be math!

He's in swimming lessons now and is doing excellent!  It's a class that is for parents and children together, so it's been a great for us to spend some splash time together!!!  In fact, we had the class this morning and I don't know why I even bother putting makeup on beforehand because I see the raccoon eyes that I have right now as the eyeliner has smudged all around!!!  He still loves basketball and we can't wait to get involved with more structured leagues now that he is 4.  

He is still a very tall and solid guy!  I'll be sure to post his height and weight on Friday after his appointment.  He's into a size 6 clothes and 1 shoe.

We're so grateful for our Mister!  I miss him when I'm away from him!  I always pray that God will use him in a great way and that his talents will be used to serve the Lord.  He makes us laugh, (sometimes cry), he encourages others, he's kind-hearted, and we can't believe this boy is 4!!!!!